A Good Architect Reimagines Unlovely Spaces

The building and construction industry has really taken this year by its roots and shaken things up.  Everywhere you look there are properties being extended or refurbished.  Just in my immediate area I can think of seven houses that are being worked on and probably transformed into amazing spaces of delight and surprise.  That’s one thing about having an existing property, it is often quite easy to transform it into the palace of glittering delights you think is essential for the family wellbeing.   It takes money of course but generally it is cheaper to get a good building contractor with a build designer or architect who really gets to understand your thoughts and ideals.  They are experienced in the craft of making space work better.  They can look at a tiny corner of a room and see the potential for expansion and reuse.  It needs an imaginitive eye and a whole bus load of faith from the buyer but looking at some of the finished projects near me, it would definitely seem worth that extra effort and the expenditure.