A Maintenance Service Guy Saves A Mint

There is definitely one thing about the spring and summer coming that is even more exciting and heart pleasing than just warm weather and the prospect of beach hols.  The knowledge that we rarely get terrible weather and never get hurricanes to speak of.  This may seem a rather odd consideration, but for someone who has had to deal with the problem of missing gutters, misplaced downpipes, leaking garage roofs, wonky manholes and ill fitting man hole covers . . . . .  this is brilliant news!

Having learnt the hard and rather expensive way that to leave these problems whilst our head is jammed firmly down in the sand, I have since become very attached to my local maintenance service company.  They came in when a couple of my ongoing problems took over my entire world and they proved the adage that getting the problem sorted sooner saves a bucketful of cash later.  They are brilliant.