Arguments For Regular Property Maintenance

This is the time of year when we really should not have to worry about home maintenance.  The last thing we want to have to address in a foggy damp November is how to fix that gutter that’s now gushing out all over the place.  My neighbour was remiss the other year when he knew in springtime that one of his windows needing replacing.  The crack that had only been small a few years ago, when one of the boys had kicked the football too hard and the window came out worst . . .  now though the crack had gradually lengthened and after one really fierce shorm, the whole pane gave way and it’s a wreck.  So instead of just needing a replacement outer pane, the double glazing company is having to replace the entire lot. His insurers are arguing that they don’t pay up when the fault is proven to be caused by negligence to upkeep and maintain the property.