Building Methods Gradually Evolved

It’s an interesting thing that we are used to our properties of all shapes and sizes are constructed these days in generally the same fashion.  There still appears to be reliance on timber for the framework and roof eaves – in fact you’d be hard pushed to move about in my loft space without knocking yourself out – there are so many eaves and supporting beams.  This of course makes my house feel super safe, particularly when we have very windy weather.  No danger of my house being blown down.   In days of old, and I mean seriously old, as in medieval, the castle and embattlements were all of stone and rock.   The houses within would be made of a simple frame and filled with rubble, wattle and daub, made from anything and everything that would stick together and make a wind and cold proof shelter.  As time went on, craftsmen began to refine the process and make beautifully frame buildings and today we have the safest and longest lasting homes every.