Buying Or Renting – Keep Safe, Dry & Comfy

There is a school of thought that suggests renting a home is better than buying in a few circumstances.   I have thought long and hard, and listened to all kinds of articles on radio and tv about the pros and cons of both sides of that divide.  I cannot see any benefit of renting that could outway the eventual long term benefit of buying.  The only exception could be if the purchased property suffers an immediate decline in value due and fails to regain it’s original price.

For me there has never been any question that buying a home is the best. I know I have to protect my invetment by ensuring the maintenance is up to date, no leaking gutters to drip rain down the walls to rot through any gaps in the brickwork etc.  Ensuring the windows and doors fit well, are double or triple glazed, knowing I am safe as well as warm.