Care Homes Keeping Up the Pretty England Image

There is a very lovely care home placed in an equally lovely part of mid Oxfordshire – very near in fact to a spot where a well known poet and story teller describes the glorious views of Oxford – city of spires.  The home has been created from an old manor house, several new wings appear to have been added, in reality there doesn’t appear to be very much of the original old house left, but there is enough historical substance to allow it to still be acknowledged as ‘the manor house’ and the lane in which it resides is named after the house.

There are 60 gorgeous arts and crafts style houses, of comfortable size and design from a later era, mostly the 1920s and 1930s.  Lovely pantiled roofs, pretty gables and porches with attractive frontages and chocolate box garages to match, all in the one road.  Perfection!