Checking Your Designers & Contractors Abide By The Laws

One of the most dispiriting things I’ve done is to let someone talk me into visiting the swanky new and gorgeous show house on a local devleopment.    It’s nye on impossible to keep your new house as pristine & clutter free!  However, this is nothing to the problems encountered by a family just moving in to our cul de sac.  We had no idea there was even a house for sale so it came as a complete surprise when the family started moving out.  The new lot came in a stage at a time and planned to have works done to the house before doing the final move in.  My neighbour knows the new family and reliably informed me the plans had been submitted to knock out the kitchen and family rooms and make one huge room across the back of the house.   Apparently the builder’s project manager was so sure the plans were solid, and would fit within existing footprint etc.  Contractors started on the demolition work.  Unfortunately the planning department raised objections about the size and scope and now plans have to be submitted for a less ambitious layout.  Ho hum.  Ensuring your contractors provide valid up to date advice and abide with the laws at all times is fundamental to avoid this kind of disaster. And embarrassment.