Cutting Corners Keeping Up With Social Climbers

When we were growing up we had no notion of what was a good design for a house and what might not be – our own family home was always the best possible choice.  Then we started to visit friends perhaps, and relatives would always have their homes set out differently.  In the 1960s to th 1990s I can clearly remember the young family next door to us were slaves to the latest fad and fashion.   They had got in with one particular family over the way – who had great ideas, very much above their natural station & that cost much money.  This was a problem for our neighbours – desperately trying to keep up with these social climbers meant copying the latest trends in furniture.  One phase was black plastic leather look seating and monochrome plastic table and chairs.  They also had a cheaper kitchen refit that left much to be desired.  Couldn’t afford experts as they’d been advised to!