Ensuring The Driveway Is Not A Trip Hazard

Sometimes a property needs more than just a basic lick of paint and one or two little tasks done on the uotside.  To keep your property in good order, safe and comfortable, the pathways from kerb to the front door could be buckled and a trip hazard;  the driveway could also present problems if too narrow or the shrubs along its length are encroaching on the driving line.  We all get used to working arounds – if there’s something in our way, we try to drive round it or over it.  To get the driveway cleared either side and maybe widened with paving slabs can be a real help to those trying to get to your front door. If a postman or other tradesperson tripped on an uneven surface within your boundary, they can and probably will sue for damages.   Getting a maintenance company to rectify these points will be money very well spent.