Eventual Joy Of The New House Arrives

There have been stalls on all new construction projects for the last month or so because of the global pandemic.  It has been extremely inconvenient for the developers as they rely on fast turnover for the continuance of their bigger sites.  Then there are the workers, being furloughed is no laughing matter in financial terms.  However, apart from these very serious concerns, there should be some benefits to having to halt practices that have been going on year in, year out.  Now that personal health type of safety has overtaken the need for physical safety for a while, we can see how changes in operations may well bring improvements that will be kept permanently.   However the need for house building to be started up again for the country’s economy may well outweigh the concerns of those companies for whom the workers are attached.  At least there has been a chance for the half built houses to settle and dry out as this has been a very dry few weeks, very little rain to upset part builds!

Once the new owners are in, they can revel in the absolsute joy of a new house – the smell of recent plastering and decorating added to being able to walk around drinking in the beauty of that shiny new kitchen and the bathrooms and ensuites.  Fantastic!