Extensions Built To Military Timetable

There are so many building contractors out in the world – all needing to get their work from consultants and architects.  The construction industry has been very active in my part of the country for some years now.  When there was no hope of anyone wanting new properties, then the construction guys were out in force doing an amazing amount of extending and refurbishing existing properties.  At one time a couple of years ago, there was no room in our cul de sac for ordinary cars – it was full from early morning until mid afternoon with tradesfolk – project engineers, builders, bricklayers, plumbers, elecricians, and then the painters, decorators and carpet fitters.   It’s a huge industry and we have the kuury in this country of having a wealth of talent and exprtise at our fingertips,just a call orclick away!   I know that when the house at the far end had the back taken out of heir houe, and a massie kitchen extension built, there were so many self employed contractors needed, it was like a military exercise to fit them int thetight timescales demanded by the family.