Finding The Right Home For The Growing Brood

A few years ago, our family was quietly snoozing on the sofa in a betwixt christmas and new year haze of inactivity, when a comand was received to ‘get your coats and boots on, we’re going out for some air’ . . . . .    The taking of air was much more exciting on that occasion than at any other time – it involved a great deal more than just trudging around the beautiful but undeniably old fashioned, tiny village.   This particular taking of air included a look round the show house of a nearby housing development.   Talk about a shock !  A delightful one though.  The show home was absolutely fabulous and the combined family imagination had well and truly been fired.

Choosing the plot was not too difficult – there were only 5 plots coming to the market and being the first family to get to see the plans of the new release, we had the pick of the crop.  It was wonderful then annd still is!