Happy Childhood Memories Wipe The Defects Away

This is just the time of year when you imagine afternoons out to a nice large outdoor swimming pool, or at least a nice garden based paddling one.  The mind plays tricks though as we will always be able to look back to see what we want to remember.  I can clearly remember Mum meeting us off the bus, rucksacs in hand n Wednesdays & we’d all toddle off to the local Lido for a couple of hours.  In my mind it was always perfectly clean and no bits of broken cement or tiling.  In truth though, there were many problems with the council owned Lido.  Not just the pool itself, but the changing rooms.  They were always cold and damp smelling.  But such is my fondness of those memories, I have to really struggle to draw my mind back to the problems because the joy we had in the pool completely wiped out and compensatee for any disagreeable aspects.  That’s how I view the building of modern homes – they will compensate for dull, cold, damp and draughty old piles but they don’t hold those fantastic memories.