However Fab The View, Property Maintenance Is Critical

Ah the absolute joy of having one of those offices with panoramic views across England’s great hills and valleys.  Throw in a few trees for texture, a lake or two between the mountains, and wow, every advert for lifestyle micro management comes to mind.  It would be wonderful to be able to cherry pick a selection of delectable things to have in our view.  Maybe change it around occasionally, just so that boredom can’t get set in.   Seriously though, the best properties are those that sit high above any flood threat – with no possible danger of rising rivers or underwater courses getting above their limit.  Another worry is having stone steps and dry stone walls that, although they’ve stood perfectly safely and unmoving for two centuries, suddenly take a dive towards  your door after several weeks of undending rain and frosty weather.  Making sure properties are maintained constantly and thoroughly is the only way to protect yourself these days.