Interior Design From A Terrifying Era

Can you imagine how difficult it is making a property modern and workable when it has all the original design features from when it was piginally bult.  Tiny scullery kitchens for example.  These were the strangest of all early 20thC innovations.  I recall visiting my grandparents’ home when I was very young.  It was sombre enough just entering the porchway to a very solemn atmosphere – not a barrel of laughts in that household, for sure!  Back to the kitchen.  It was absolutly tiny – just a plain enamel sink – very much sought after these days too, but back then considered an afront to humaity.  It had just the one tap – cold water.  The wooden draining board sloped down over the edge of the sink.  My very unfunloving grandparents did not believe in any luxuries – so they washed up with soap powder.  Daz or Omo.  I remember the hot water coming from a rather terrifying Ascot wall heater – it used to go ‘boom’ upon ignition and would rattle furiously when Grandpa was trying to get it to heat up the washing up water.