Interior Designer More Than A Box Exercise

The need for a good designer in any home cannot be over estimated.  However careful we are to try and keep our storage under control, there are so many things to be fitted into any one family abode that only a truly professional designer can make the most of that essential space.   They somehow seem to have an inner sense of space and balance, seeing a potential cabinet space where may see none.  Gettng the lighting right is also a great skill, this topic can be talked about for hours but the bare bones remains that a designer can see past light and shadow.  They can highight a space for the mundane, thus leaving acreas of wall space for temporary or permanent storage items.  Those adverts on tv for the multi level wardrobes fascinate me.  In a room with a very sloping roof, these is little opportunity for installing tall wide wardrobes so narrower, more shallow cabinets have to be planned.