Joining Construction, Design & Planning Together

Until very recently in this area, there has been a small shift away from always building new new new and some folk have actually looked at their property and decided that with the right builder, the right architectural design team and the right interior designer, they can make the home of their dreams from the existing property they already have.  We have a truly diverse set of skills within our construction industry and not all of them are employed only on large scale newbuild developments.  It is very possible to be put in touch with a construction company who can deal with the design aspect and handle the planning department at the local council.  This is by far the best way to get exactly what you have in your minds eye.  A good construction team will know what would be permissible in the current framework and be able to work with the architect to get the most out of the space available with the plot.  Taking into account any special needs for mobility concerns or the need to have a double garage but also a good space for off road parking needs to be factored into any design criteria these days.