Keeping A Weather Eye Out For Damage

There are few things that keep me awake at night – I enjoy the sleep of the just.  Head hits pillow and I’m off with the fairies until dawn.   Oe thing that could disrupt this very happy little situation would be having to worry about my property maintenance.  I live in a comfortable family sized 4 bedroomed detached with integral garage.  The house was built less than 20 years ago ad to the latest building regulations available in the day.  Unlike a car that has to have a full and far ranging mot test, houses don’t have them.  It is down to the  home owner to check the details of their household insurance. The policy  will generally state that payout may be refused if it is found the property was not maintained adequately, if at all.  Fences and sheds are not always included.  Guttering is a prime example of something that needs regular checking and fixing.