Less Mass – More Unique Individual Property

There are not so many small projects these days for the odd jobbing bulding company.  In the older days, just after the first and second world wars, there was a need for very quick and concentrated areas of mass rebuilding to house the displaced.  then once life had settled into a recognisable pattern, calm restored, smaller developers began to spring up and little pockets of urbanisation came.   Again there is a huge surge in mass housing, of the private type.   The construction industry is in full swing – ensuring that houses are designed well, safely and comfortably.  But very much all the same – maybe a different exterior but the same inside. If someone wanted a spectacular individual home building, they would seek out a local builder, usually one they knew down the golf club, and with architecural consultation, plans would be submitted and the project on its way.  Smaller construction companies will offer more individuality and scope to be apart from the crowd!