Maintenance Considerations Need Ring Fencing

There are certain tasks we need to really look carefully at our property and what has to be regularly checked, repaired, spruced up and maintained all the time.   We are not just talking guttering, but the soffits and fascias.  Up at that level, the danger from cross winds and the hugely battering wind speeds is immense with possible damage caused by falling aerials and chimney furniture.   Another factor of course are trees in gardens and on the street – the branches can come down very unexpectedly and go through windows, fences and knock walls down.    Something else we have to think about are fences and garden gates – it is absolutely critical that these are kept in good condition and not allowed to start rotting.   Also making sure the pointing and grouting is kept in good condituion will stop damp from creeping in.  Using a property maintenance group will ensure these tasks are attended to professionally.