Maintenance Involves More Than Just Guttering

When I think of the words Property Maintenance, it’s hard to get past one point. . . .  gutters.  I had major problems with two houses in the past;  the house was a victorian middle terrace of three;  therefore the guttering originally formed one long run across the front of all three, up to the apex of one end, back down and across the backs of all three and up again to the apex of the other end and down to the start point.  It was indeed a feat of guttering engineering in its day.   Sadly maintenance had been neglected over the years.  We got a mortgage offer but a lump was retained until our guttering was repaired.  We called on a property expert to have this properly sorted and to advice on other things that might crop up later.  The wobbly front door tiling being one.  This property company was very good though and eventually it did save more than their fee.