Massive Changes In Kitchen Designs

When you look at the design of older houses, through generations, it’s interesting to note how the designers and architects of their day gave priority to certain areas over what we would now consider to be most important.  I’m thinking here of the changes in domestic kitchens and housekeeping areas.   I recall the film ‘The Secret Garden’, particularly where the under maid is instructing the main character how to skip, near the main bustling kitchen.  That kitchen reminded me of visits I’ve made to two or three major historic houses – mostly tudor in age.  They too had huge high vaulted kitchens – originally with a hole in the ceiling/roof for smoke to escape.  Then in would come the fire grate with some huge whirling mechanical meat cooking arrangement.  Bread ovens would be set above another fireplace over the other side.  Yet when we reached the 1920s ad 1930s, we seem to find ourselves with tiny little scullery kitchens –  my own grandparents had a house built in 1933 and although the rest of the house was nicely appointed – running hot and cold water, the kitchen was ghastly with just a wooden drainer over a ceramic butler sink that had sliding hardboard cupboard below.  On the back wall was another hardboard cabinet – with top opening cupboard, a pull down worktop and double cupboard below.  that was it.  However, there was a cool pantry up the hall.  It had two marble shelves along the house wall side and a cold stone floor.  It even had its own little ceiling height window that opened!  Thank heavens for today’s innovative designers and constructors!