One Man’s Commute Another Man’s Major Headache

One of the joys of going to stay with relatives overseas is the tv – they always have one and it doesn’t matter where you are in the western world certainly, there will be a property programme on there sometime during your day!  Watching these gives such an insight into the world of property maintenance, refurbishment and renovation, including total strip out and refit, as subjects that fascinate most of the home owners I’ve come across.  In the US for example, there is one whole channel dedicated solely to this genre and after an hour or so, you become giddy with the enthusiasm of the host – the flashing white smiles that need Raybans to stop eye damage and the genial hosts who crack jokes and create organised chaos for entertainment.  The needs of families in some part of the states is different to here.  Hearing families reject a house because it’s 15 minutes commute from someone’s office does seem extreme – over here both my neighbours face a 2.5 journey each way every day they work!