PreFabs Could Offer Good Homes If Given A Chance

I was watching a programme about the need to house families after the end of world war two.  For those of us born well outside the rigours of war time, it can be really difficult to understand how it must have felt to hear the air raid siens or just the bomb tself if a V2.    We take things for granted big time these days.  We dont have to think at all about where the next meal is coming from or who’s going to fetch and cook it.  After the war, the government turned to a programme of pre-fabricated house building for speed.  These were fantastic little wonder houses.  Made of wooden carcass and fitted out rather like the modern holiday caravan of today.  A workbench incorporated the gas coker, fridge, copper (for boiling water for laundry and baths) and all important sink.  n addition there was a fitted vegetable rack, broom cupboard and an all purpose larder plus additional cupboard space.  The bedrooms had fitted wardrobes and the bathroom must have seemed true luxury to the families made homeless in the war.  It’s a shame today’s governments don’t ask top architects and designers to construct a similar pattern of emergency housing for all the poor souls that don’t  have a home now.  Or those who want to move out of parents’ houses but don’t qualify for expensive council houses.   These would solve many a housing problem.