Put Fences On The Home Inspection Check List

The winds have really been gusting around here in the last few weeks.  I can’t remember a May going into June quite so blustery ever before.  I associate these high wind activities with November into December or March into April.   There is a proper time and place for all this damaging weather based excitement!  In my garden I have had to replace two fence panels in 6 months.  I would much rather they all went at the same time if they’re going to go – it is so much easier and cheaper to have a contractor to come in to replace and make good two or three panels at once time than have them come in for three individual visits.

This is one of the areas of house and garden maintenance that is very low on the list of things ot be planned for.  The sort of thing that a property maintenance company would factor in and get seen to at the appropriat time!