Rainy Days And Guttering Worries

My first house purchase was in the 1980s.  My husband and I had just moved back to the Midlands from down near London.   We had been happily living in a flat near Windsor, just paying the landlady our weekly rent, she was lovely and lonely.  We realised though very early on that we would never be able to buy any property down there on the salaries available to us then.  We did both have reasonable jobs and it was a real wrench when my husband decided to get a job back in his own stomping ground !

We bought a tiny little terrace house, built in 1888, a bit tatty but just about mortgageable.  The need to repair and replace much was immediately evident with the first winter which was very wet and but also very frozen.  Gutter issues blighted us until a maintenance company were engaged to do all the three houses with the fees shared between us.  Win Win !