Squally Winters Call For Tip Top Maintenance

We have had some amazingly gusty weather of late.  I don’t remember in my youth having anywhere near these strengths of storm or winds, so it must be down to global warming after all.   I’m thinking back to earlier days – next door’s fence would only blow down once in a generation – due entirely to lack of maintenance.  It would then take another lifetime to happen again.  But these days with climate change producing seriously hot dry summers, and squally very wet periods prolonged throughout winter, we need to ensure our property is maintained adequately.  The guttering needs to be checked and any loose brackets replaced or repaired.  Pointing in the masonry cement must not have holes in – vermin can enter that way and of course, so can damp.  Making sure fences and gates are reset if they have become distorted over the years.  All these things can be caref for by maintenance contractors.  Better to be safe than very sorry.