Stay Ahead Prevention Rather Than Repair & Cry

How this house is maintained is not something I dwell anywhere near enough time on – it is a family detached on an estate.  I have insurance of course, but this will not pay out in the case of an emergency, if it is found that my negligence to maintain or repair something contributed to the failure.  I do keep an eye on the gutters and whenever my window cleaner asks if I want my gutters, fascias and soffits cleaned, I gratefully say.  I dread the day when something really serious happens and I am left with a massive repair bill.   This happened to us with our first house, which was a standard 1880s terraced two up two down house in an inner city.   I browse online if I think there is a possible problem now, and engage experts in the property field whenever I sense a problem.  Prevention is so much cheaper than repair and wince!