Think Of Repair Costs As Value Added

After I’d been in my large 4 bed detached for several years, I became aware of a serious damp problem under in the porch over my front door.  It’s a portico effect continuing on from the fascia below the pitched garage roof.  The garage is double width, attached to the front of the house with tiles down to gutter level.  I engaged a great little property maintenance company – they discovered the garage roof tiles had a defined split all the way down from under the other front bedroom – where a window cleaner years ago had legged up it without protecting the tiles!  When the tiles were removed, it showed the felt underneath to be completely sodden.  So off came all the tiles and damp felt.  They saved me money by sending me to their favourite merchant to get replacements.  They did a great job and also fixed two problems in the garage.  They were conscious of my budget and did not rip me off.