To Get Luxurious – Expand Up Into The Loft

There have been several houses in my immediate area that have had ‘works’ done to them – either inside or out and in the case of 3 already immaculate places, both were seen to.  A very popular idea currenly is to have the driveways changed from plain black asphalt to rather wonderful geometric design hard standings.  Red and cream stone tiles of various shapes are woven into quite intricate patterns befopre being set in.  I noticed on the last such project that two van loads of men came each day.   There were at least 10 chaps all working like beavers – Romanian registration plates on the vans and a very distinct babble of east european lingo as they very chirpily and efficiently did their work.

Another top scheme here is opening up the roof spaces – 3 other houses have expanded up there – it is seen as an ideal way to provide a luxury ensuite master bedroom or a cinema / games room for growing teenagers.