When Cannot Move – Go Upwards And Outwards

There are many families who are desperate to move on up, out of the cramped 3 bedroomed semi detached house they’ve had for years.  Their quest will invariably be the 4 or 5 bedroomed detached dream house with the nicely proportioned living rooms and massive kitchen, perhaps the utility room to add even more space.  Then of course, there’s the upstairs, with larger bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes and perhaps a couple of ensuits plus the amply proportioned family bathroom.

Well for all the dreaming, sometimes it is not possible to move into one of these fabulous palaces.  There are not enough to go round, and sometimes the circumstances prevent a move.  So next best thing, and possibly cheaper, expand the current house and add the space so desperatley sought. After planning and building regs have been applied !